Monthly Archives: April 2012

Fight the Power.


There is no contest. What I find beautiful is knowledge and freedom.

Put them together, you’ve got freedom of expression; freedom of thought.

There is nothing more beautiful than our brain. Think about it: it is a seven pound mass of grey flesh crammed inside our cranium, yet its power of thought is infinite. And what I find especially beautiful is a human’s drive to search for knowledge. This unquenchable, never-ending, and sometimes frustrating and painful thirst for knowledge is absolutely beautiful.

I don’t really know what to write anymore,¬† but here are a few people that I find truly beautiful. They have inspired me to question everything, to never satisfy my hunger for knowledge, and to never be afraid of expressing my opinions.

They are my heroes, my idols, my role-models, my teachers, my gurus… call them whatever you want. And to me, they are the most beautiful people in the world.

Here are a few haikus I wrote. Poetry is not my forte, so bear with me.


Confined in my cell,

I yearn for freedom and thought,

Book in hand, I fly.


The sun is setting,

Stars light, so does my city,

I, for one, slumber.


Boredom consumes me,

I search for something to do,

A book hits my head.